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September 14th
6:29 PM

a message from Anonymous

Oh yeah, about Asian RPers. Personally, I am one, and roleplay Hong Kong. I do not horribly abuse stereotype or "KAWAII DESU MOE" or "ARU ARU ARU ARU" or the common "LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME" Poland copy they have dubbed him. I roleplay his character as the manga or Himaruya dictates what he is like, rather than fandom stereotypes. If this makes you any happier, I guess.

6:29 PM

a message from frogmask

Do you also do Touhou? We have too many Stus. IT HURTS.

I CAN IF YOU SUBMIT THEM. I’m not active in many Fandoms anymore so we NEED submission since I seem to be the only one around anymore.

September 6th
3:28 PM

a message from Anonymous

What do you think of Vocaloid RP'ers? I don't understand how you can RP as them since they don't have set personalities, but that's just me. So I was wondering what you guys thought.

Well, again, as with many fandoms, I’ve never found one worth being there. I don’t really understand Vocaloid at all anyway, but I feel that if they don’t have set personalities, it would be difficult to roleplay.

3:26 PM


Ivan I want your bloody Vodka

Oh fucking hell, another short abomination and eyesore. I don’t even want to live in this community anymore. But seriously, people like this just make the whole fandom seem like a dark pit of despair. I weep with joy when I see a Bio that makes me wish mine was as good, because it gives me hope for this fucking fandom. Bios like this, are on the far opposite range of that wherein they make me weep in despair. How can you give a bio so little effort? It is the second thing people notice about your account, first being your name.

* Hello da~ (lol) okay this is my russia rping account i do not mind if you “try” to hurt him just be a tad bit nice or estonia will pay the price. Kolkolkolkol….i hope n wish that one day everyone will become one with with mother Russia and those who dont….-evil smile- will become sun flowers…

and more


god mods*

Again we see this terrible introduction done by the muse. I’ve gone through this twice already about how annoying and pointless it is to have the bio begin with the character introducing himself. I will hold to this belief until I see a character done introduction blow me away, today is not  that day. Get rid of this shit now, people. I will not spare you a decency if I see crap like this. But this one iss the worst, it looks like it’s a mix of muse and admin talking. AND NO GRAMMAR OR PUNCTUATION AT ALL. I wish people like this would go back to third grade where they belong.

Okay, you also put pairings, which make Draco want to smack everyone with a large hunk of wood. You didn’t even spell /couples/ right you fucktard! Honestly.

Still no capitalization and we are on to what you like. Obviously it’s all sex shit. Can’t even spell one of the things right. And if all your likes are sex stuff, why does it say you only like smut sometimes.  Oh, I see, you dislike god mods? Well I dislike everything about you, I don’t even know what to call this trainwreck.

July 17th
2:11 PM

Whiny emo Rpers

You all know one of them. They use their account to post whiny statuses. They are constantly depressed and whiny, hoping every other person will give them the time of day so they can complain. They act terrible and most of the time it’s not even worth it to talk to them.



1:11 PM

Bio Review: Ivan TillDeathdowepart

Well, the first few paragraphs of this bio are all copied from some website. God, it’s just sheer laziness when you do that. Sure, you could just include a link to let people research on their own. But then you summarize what you want in your bio. You take the information and rewrite it in your own words,  make it your own. Copying someone else’s work is showing the rest of us that you can’t write your own bio.


*Also, I shall explain the bonds between Ivan’s ‘master’ or aka a lover. The bonds are created by said lover or ‘master’ repeating a certain phrase;
-I, (master’s name)…do accept the demon Ivan Braginski as mine familiar. He shall do my bidding and whims for as long as I am his master, until such time as the contract is lifted, forsaken, or broken. In payment I take on the task of feediing and placating the demon, otherwise the contract will be null and void. I take responsibility and will accept the consequences if I break the set rules-
Ivan would have to say;
-I, Ivan Braginski, accept the contract and will serve my new master, (masters name), in whatever task he requires as long as I am properly fed and the contract is still in unbroken-
Then *wink* y’all have ta Rp with me ta find out what would happen next~
If y’all don’t want Bajang Russia, then I can Rp as normal Russia, y’all know how normal Russia acts, yah? If not…then I don’t know how ta help ya on that… ^ ^;*

Then of course your Russia is going to be owned by some ‘Master’, in some kind of master/servant bond.  And then it is indicated that sex comes after the making of the bond. Yay, because obviously you can’t have just making a bond without sexytimes.  But wait, they’ll cancel the whole point of the account and give you normal Russia.  And oh god, one of those stupid faces in a bio.


If the Dajang is a sort of catlike creature at his other form, why does his half form look like a demon? Does that make any sense? And oh my, he’ll lick his master clean as a sign of affection. And if you touch his master, he will kill you slowly.


The first part of the extra information just makes me want to slam my face against a wall. I really don’t think that this was in the legends! Honestly, a venom that makes you really pleasured? Yeah, that’s right, he can inject venom to make you cum multiple times. Oh but the other vemon causes pain.


His magic can do anything apparently.

Also, he wants a neko kawaii collar so he knows he has a loving suigoi master.

And if Ivan is a whore it can break the bond he had with his master or if he eats his soul.

Honestly by the end I was just fed up with this bio.



12:31 PM

BIO REVIEW: Nekowithblackwings

*The curly raven haired male sighed, setting down his glass of vodka, turning to stare with a single gold eye, “Hallo, measly human und lower life,” He huffed, lips curled into a frown, “My name is Günter Weilschmidt. Call my Gilbert und I’ll slit your throat, ja? Take that as a warning.” He smiled cruely, tapping a black claw on his countertop.*

I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally hate when you people do things like this. A bio is information about your character, not really an introduction by your character. What do you think is going to happen? That someone is just going to RP right off your bio introduction? No. Not really. It’s just silly and unnecessary.  But going with the whole introduction, what is with the golden eye? Guess we find out later. And the cruelness is directed at any innocent reader? Well, the readers are admins, so you are being cruel to…admins? Right, moving on.


*// Hello~ This is not your normal 2p Prussia, this is the darker side of the 2p world, or if you’d like to call it a 3p. Plus he’s a demon! Yes, a DEMON. Enjoy your stay c: Oh and if you’re wondering why his name is not Günter Weilschmidt is because I cannot change this accounts name ^ ^; //*

There we go, oh that’s interesting! Not just a 2p, but a so-called 3p and a demon! Fantastic. What a surprise. And here I thought it was just a neko with wings. Silly fucking me.  Turns out his name isn’t even Gilbert.  And what stay am I enjoying? The stay on your bio? Well…I’ll be staying for quite some time, I assure you.

Now here’s the fun part. We go down slightly and we see the species. “Shape shifting Demon” but “he can only morph into a demon wolf” Okay….that makes zero sense. If he only morphs into one thing than he is just that thing, and can switch between forms. Shapeshifting usually indicates more than two forms.  And down again, your big scary wolf demon is about the size of a human. Ohhh dear, so scary!

Sexuality is bi, but leaning more toward males. Obviously, just like everyone else on this fucking site. And then real age, again your character cuts in and insults us, then doesn’t even tell us the real age. Are we supposed to fucking guess? Then we find out about the eye thing. His eyes are gold and apparently he only has one eye. And really curly black hair? BECAUSE AS A PRUSSIA HE OBVIOUSLY HAS BLACK CURLY HAIR.

His appearance is just annoying. He looks like any other being if he uses magic to hide himself. But knowing people like you, he isn’t ever going to look normal, is he? And then the curly black hair again. Pink sweaters? Really? Because obviously a manly terrifying demon is going to wear /pink/ sweaters!  And I see your headcannon and give it one questioning look. Creatures of hellfire and brimstone can’t keep heat? Right.  But at least he shows his “dominance” with his large horns.  But his tail is like a fucking Barney dyed green.

Personaility is just eye-rolling worthy. He’s aggressive and forcefull, lost his mind after his country was gone, but oh my he’s forgiven Russia. Whoopty-doo. And he doesn’t like any living being, at all. Oh right, unless they become his mate or friend, but he hates everyone else. And heaven forbid you get on his bad side. But fuck, what’s with the smiling face in a bio!?

He likes sex and vodka. Because he’s a sex addict. OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT? Just delete this whole section. I’m not touching it with a nine foot pole.

In the extra info section he’s stated as a /bit/ of a manwhore. Another delete section.

The next section just pisses me off even more. He has 11 fucking kids, or it appears that some are grandkids. This whole section is just the worst part in the whole bio. All these are Really really bad OCs and screw-ups. There is an odd mix of wolves and nagas and vampires and insanity cases and just. Can I get a bit of mind bleach over here?

No no no no, oh dear god. There is a section for kinks and fetishes and Ezones and pairings! Why do you people feel the need to include shit like this. It turns the bio into a pile of slop. Honestly it’s just so annoying to see this in the bio half the time. The only person that would benefit from this is a potential lover, and you could just tell them!

Okay, I’m done with this bio. It’s just an atrocity! Please, people learn how to fix your shit! Maybe I’ll review the other accounts they have.


July 3rd
5:54 PM

fuckin back nigga

June 12th
3:37 PM

a message from polkapersondanceparty

Please don't die!

Okay okay, calm your horses~ We shall return….or at least I will. BUT WE NEED SUBMISSIONS.

June 3rd
12:48 PM

Raise your hands, feet, appendages, things, ect. If you want us to return to action!~

because right now I can’t decide, whether this blog should live or die!~

In line for nekos and vampires